Major V.P. Marran  

a memoir of medical experience and improvisational command in WW2

"What a great story! I found the twists and turns...both entertaining and compelling."   Jeff Starr, DDS

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  non-fiction - history
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The Reading Experience

World War 2 - across the Atlantic: British pilots digesting their own hearts, Russians crossing the agreed upon line, and Germans disguised as US medics are some of the routine encounters of Major Marran during WW2. He enlisted in the Army while attending Harvard in 1938 and by 1945 was in charge of a mobile army surgical hospital, proving the concept that established MASH units in later wars. The Meritorious Service Award, granted to him was well deserved. This is his first hand story.

Major Marran's narrative of the war details the way he and the healers around him used their creativity and resourcefulness to repair broken lives, bodies, and careers, in worst circumstances, by improvising surgical setups new to the field. As a member of the Third Army led by General George S. Patton, Major Marran applied his medical skills at Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, Buchenwald, starvation camps for downed British pilots, and against the Russians west of Prague.

A doctor, specializing in oral surgery, Major Marran went from naive inexperience forward through the inescapable nightmares of World War II, while still maintaining his enthusiasm for duty and his positive outlook. As a soldier first, he survived, more often than not unarmed, all the while endangering himself in his battle for survival of the wounded. The additional duties he assumed unexpectedly add much to the drama of this story.

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